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Book Review: Free Marketing 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business Online and Off

I love this book! It’s an easy and sometimes eye-opening read. Jim Cookrum writes confidently, and his advice is bold, practical, and maybe even unconventional. The book consists of 102 short and straight to the point chapters. He’s a big fan of videos and email marketing, and lists tons of helpful websites and tools.

marketing book

Some of my favorite advice:

  • The “irrational habits” outlined in chapter 6 are awesome, and are definitely not what you would think of as great marketing; or at least I didn’t at first.


  • Be authentic and transparent, because customers want to buy from a   person.


  • Be over the top and go out of your way to please customers, because with the internet, “every customer has a megaphone and an audience”.


Even though this book is from 2011, I believe most of the information is still relevant. It’s definitely worth a look for any entrepreneur wanting to grow their business.


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