Karly Update


Karly had her 15-month well check at her doctor’s office last Tuesday. She’s healthy and growing, but she’s tiny–under the 3rd percentile for both height and weight. She didn’t even cry when she got her shots!

Karly is still working on walking. She stands up and takes a few steps sometimes, so we know she’s close. She’s moving up to the next room at the daycare center, and the kids in that room get to go outside to the playground. Karly loves being outside.

She loves foods that are green—edamame, peas, beans, broccoli, and spinach. She is always asking for Goldfish crackers by pointing and saying, “ba ba”.

In September, my parents are renting a house on Kelleys Island, and we will be spending a weekend with the rest of my family there. It will be Karly’s first vacation, and we are super excited to go!

Megan with Karly


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