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2018 Goals for Rahm Designs LLC

I started thinking about things I’d like to do in the new year. Every year I hope to move closer to having a successful business – to have an income doing the things I’m passionate about. Here are some of the goals I have for 2018.

  • I will define what I want to do with my business. I know I want to pursue graphic design and writing projects, but I am not certain about what kinds of services I would like to offer. Should I offer many services or specialize in a few?
  • I will buy a larger heat press. I’ve put this off for a while, but if I want to expand my business possibly into adult sizes, I will need one.
  • I will start my own e-commerce site. I am hoping to add a shopping cart to my existing website,
  • I will learn more about SEO. I know this is crucial to online sales, but I feel I don’t put enough time into it.
  • I will set aside time each week for new design work, and write (at least a little bit) everday.

I am also looking forward to working with SCORE and the Women’s Business Center to grow my business. Here’s to many sales in 2018!

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My Creative Process


All artists have their own creative process – how to work, when to work, and what keeps them motivated.

My personal creative process is not very structured and unfortunately I only create new designs about once a month. Lately it’s been more frequently because I am working on a new portfolio.

I always carry a notebook with me so I can jot down ideas and work anywhere. I don’t need to be inspired to work; I just need to sit down and get started. The ideas will eventually come as long as I commit the time to do the work.

Usually I start with thumbnails and hand drawn sketches, but sometimes I go straight to the computer. Most of the time I think that the designs I work on over a few days look the best, but some of my popular designs I threw together in under an hour.

No matter how I decide to work, the best feeling is the sense of accomplishment you get from a finished design you’re happy with.

What does your creative process look like? Let me know in the comments.

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Business Update 11-7-17

Sales have decreased significantly on Etsy. Some of the other sellers have said in the forums that Etsy is running tests on the search algorithm, but I don’t know if that’s really the reason for the decrease in sales. I’m hoping sales pick up just before the holidays like they did last year.

Since I’ve had fewer sales I have been spending time working on my freelance writing jobs as well as creating a new portfolio of cute graphics. I have followed SCORE’s marketing expert’s advice in developing a new portfolio with the cutest graphics I can possibly make. I created a schedule that should have ten completed designs by the end of the year. I am currently working on design #3. Once the portfolio is completed I will concentrate on marketing and approaching local businesses and organizations.

I still have not decided if Rahm Designs, LLC should only focus on graphics for children’s clothing and accessories or branch out to include other graphic design and writing projects. Maybe my freelance writing jobs should be separate from my graphic design work.

I am excited to see what the new year will bring with hopefully a new portfolio. I’m also hoping I will figure out where to concentrate my efforts.

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New Holiday Designs Available in the Rahm Designs, LLC Etsy Shop


I am following SCORE’s marketing expert’s advice and creating a new portfolio of super cute graphics. I started with holiday designs since it’s about that time of the year.

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Meeting with Our SCORE Mentor 10-4-17

Wednesday night we met with our SCORE mentor. A marketing expert joined us and it was encouraging to get a new perspective.

I had assumed to make my business successful I would have to branch out and offer lots of different services, but the marketing expert suggested I concentrate on one thing and become really good at it. I’m going to focus on graphics for children’s clothing, newborn to 5T. We are going to brainstorm new design ideas and create a strong portfolio of super cute graphics.

We are also going to make a list of businesses and organizations involved with children and reach out to them. The marketing expert said it is important to have a “leave behind” item when approaching these organizations, and he made some suggestions to improve our tri-fold brochure.

I took lots of notes during the meeting and I’m ready to get to work. I’m nervous about approaching local organizations but excited to work on new designs. I’m willing to give all these new suggestions a fair shot.

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Mental Health Advocacy in My Life

I’ve been writing for HealthyPlace since July, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I’m co-author of the Recovering From Mental Illness blog. This week I posted a video about employment and mental illness as well as an article on how antipsychotic medication has affected my life. Please check them out. For October I am working on articles about volunteering and anxiety. I can’t wait to share them with you.

Mental health advocacy has been an important part of my life since starting my recovery ten years ago. Here’s a poster I created when I was a student at Owens Community College.