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Vinyl: Finally Getting the Hang of It

It’s been a little over a week since I attended the vinyl cutter boot camp at Stahl’s, and I’ve been very busy experimenting. Using the cutter is getting easier. I’m learning a lot. I bought more vinyl when I went to the boot camp, so I have more colors to play around with. I have some ideas I’m kicking around, and I will list new items in my online store soon. Here are some of my creations so far.

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February: Toledo’s Worst/Best Month


It’s probably pretty ironic that I am publishing this post today, an article about making the best of living in Toledo during the winter. My daughter’s daycare center is closed and we are all home – snowed in. I’m going to share it anyway because it’s important to know about all the great things going on in our city.

Many people consider February to be the worst month to be in Toledo. It’s true – February can be pretty harsh in the Glass City. It can bring our coldest days of winter. It’s probably not the best time to invite someone from out of town to come and visit, especially if they’re not used to cold and snow. But what if February was Toledo’s best month? Stick with me for a sec.

Besides getting an unexpected day off due to a level 3 snow emergency, there are other great things going on in February. Check out This website has an awesome daily events calendar, on which I counted 44 events this weekend. 44! This includes the Greater Toledo Auto Show, 3 Walleye games, and numerous events in the arts. Let’s make February our best month by showing old man winter what we’re made of. Let’s go out and enjoy our great city (once the roads are plowed and it’s safe to travel of course)!

Really anytime is a great time to be in Toledo, but hang in there – spring is right around the corner.

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Toledo’s Old West End


Even though I’ve only lived in Toledo for four years, it’s definitely the place I call home. Toledo is a comfortably sized city for me – around 300,000 residents. We have a diverse population and each neighborhood has a personality of its own. One of our most well-known neighborhoods is the Old West End. Its huge Victorian homes and interesting buildings have captured the fascination of many. It’s been said that even Frank Lloyd Wright was inspired by the neighborhood.

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The Great Black Swamp

In the 19th Century, early settlers to Northwest Ohio endured a difficult life in a dark, forested swampland. Many suffered from malaria and swamp fever in a region filled with thick mud and swarms of mosquitos. Other regions of Ohio were settled long before this area. The Great Black Swamp, named by the soldiers of 1812, covered Northwest Ohio making travel nearly impossible. It stretched from Lake Erie to Fort Wayne, IN.

It’s hard to imagine these dark, swampy surroundings when Northwest Ohio is now an open patchwork of fertile farmland. Our area has a colorful history and it’s important to remember our hardy ancesters.

Please check out The Great Black Swamp: Historical Tales of 19th-Century Northwest Ohio by Jim Mollenkopf to learn more about our early settlers and the difficult conditions they endured. Our home wouldn’t be what it is today without their struggles and sacrifice.

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New Year, New Portfolio

After several weeks of work, I am excited to present my new portfolio. It consists of three designs I’ve already been selling and nine new ones. I tried different subject matter, and more importantly, tried to make them as cute as possible. I’m pretty happy with the results, and I’m looking forward to sharing my portfolio with my mentors. Hopefully this will help start the new year off right.

Happy New Year, everyone! Wishing you happiness and success in 2018.

Here are the 12 designs included in my new portfolio.

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Organzing and Scheduling


For the past couple days I have been working on editorial calendars for both this blog and the Recovering from Mental Illness blog at I was doing really well with planning and scheduling my posts earlier in the year, but now I’ve gotten off track. My anxiety grows as deadlines approach, and I rush through writing my posts.

I am brainstorming new post ideas – everything from top ten lists about our local area to new things I discover as a WBC member to the tips I learn using a heat press.

I’m scheduling these new ideas for the next few months, which makes me feel a little more relaxed. I like being prepared and organized in just about every other aspect of my life, so my writing should be no different.

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Ten Reasons Why I Love Toledo in the Winter

  1. The snow fills in the pot holes.
  2. The lights at the Zoo.
  3. Getting snowed in. Where I work if there’s a level 3 snow emergency we get a paid day off.
  4. Wearing cute boots.
  5. It’s beautiful and quiet when there’s snow in the trees.
  6. Christmas shopping at Target.
  7. Mall walking because it’s too cold to walk outside.
  8. Being toasty warm inside while it’s freezing cold outside.
  9. Playing in the snow. This is Karly’s first year that she can really have fun in the snow.
  10. Bragging that you survived a polar vortex.